Release Date: March 2010

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Adoption is Forever
Pub Date : 03/01/2009
Format : Paperback

Released: March 2009

ADOPTION IS FOREVER  is non-fiction - a first for Traci and me.  This was truly a work from the heart.  Just after we first met as newly arrived Floridians, we discovered we had something in common. I was an adoptive mom and Traci was a birth mom.  Call it karma or kismet, I believe that we were meant to find each other so we could share our experiences.  During long drives to our writer's luncheons (shout out to Florida Romance Writers), we kept kicking the idea around about a book, told honestly from both sides of the adoption process.  Only we wanted it to be, at times, funny, heart-breaking, truthful and insightful.  In a nutshell - we wanted something that didn't exist.  Most books on adoption are either how-tos or depressing tales of adoption gone wrong.  It took us a while - 2 years to be exact.  We're very proud of the end result and very grateful to Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing for their unwavering support. 
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Adoption is Forever has a website:
  Traci and I would like you to drop in and share your stories - Are you an adoptive parent? An adoptee?  Thinking about adoption?  Know an adoptive family?  Come visit the site and share with us.

FAT CHANCE, A Finley Anderson Tanner Mystery
Releases: March 2009

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Released: March 2008

Finley knows it can’t be good news when she’s awakened at 5:40 A.M. by someone knocking on her door.  Her hunch proves correct.  Finley’s pal Jane is hysterical and clad only in a negligee.  It all started when Jane went out on a blind date with a hunk named Paolo – and ended when she woke up next to his corpse.  Finley knows Jane wouldn’t hurt a fly, especially one with a zipper.  Too bad the police don’t agree…
Having survived her ordeal of questioning and criminally bad coffee at the local cop shop, Finley’s got to post bail and hire an attorney for Jane.  But with most of her cash tied up in credit card debt, she knows she has to do the unthinkable: hit her mother up for money. As if attempting to thaw out the Ice Queen isn’t enough, there’s the unthinkable part II: resisting McGarrity.  Yes, dangerously sexy P.I. Liam McGarrity has offered his services…for a discounted rate.  To prove Jane isn’t a killer, Finley will have to buckle down and work with Liam.  She just has to keep reminding herself that she already has the perfect boyfriend in her FedEx pilot Patrick.
But this case is booby-trapped with more serious pitfalls than wicked temptation.  For starters, there’s the fact that two knives were used to kill Paolo.  Then there’s a suspicious string of robberies. And when someone tried to run Finley off the road, she’s got to act quick to find a killer who wants to see her underground.


“Pollero spins the hilarious tale of a paralegal whose loyalty to a client imperils her bargain-chasing.  Finley's firm sense of priorities and laser-accurate descriptions of the most banal circumstances will make readers eager for an encore. ” 
– Starred Kirkus Review

“She shops, and the bodies drop.  It's easy to dismiss Finley Anderson Tanner, just like those fools tended to dismiss Elle Wood in the movie "Legally Blonde.  But Pollero also makes sure the mystery element and the plot are tightly centered. ” 
– Florida Sun Sentinel

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Knock Off
Pub Date : 3/1/2007
Format : Hardcover

Knock Off
Pub Date : 2/6/2008
Format : Paperback

Released: March 2007 and
February 2008

Meet Finley Anderson Tanner. F.A.T. to her enemies. Bargain hunter and underachiever extraordinaire. Now, for a woman whose biggest ambition was takeout Moo Shu at exactly 5:01, life is taking some exciting, unpredictable, and decidedly dangerous turns. But someone doesn’t like Finley’s new work ethic. And if this paralegal wants to bring home the real goods, she’ll have to keep from becoming a killer’s total knock off…


“Rhonda will take you on a fun, fanciful and fascinating journey.  If you’re looking for romance and intrigue with an interesting twist, you won’t want to miss her.” 
– NYT bestselling author Nora Roberts

“Rhonda Pollero is an amazing talent.  Murder has never been this much fun!” 
– NYT bestselling author Cherry Adair

“Rhonda Pollero's humor and compelling mystery will keep you turning pages.”
–NYT bestselling author Tess Gerritsen

“Witty, upbeat, all-around entertaining. A great read with plenty of attitude.”
–Janet Evanovich

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